Laboratory: British Museum

BP: 4561 Std: 47

Delta 13C value None given Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: charcoal Sample Material Comment: None given

Feature Type: enclosure Feature: site A2, F16 (originally F6), scoop containing south-western style bowl pottery and bloks of charcoal, outside enclosure wall

Culture: Neolithikum Phase: n/a

Site: Carn Brea, Cornwall Country Subdivision: England Country: United Kingdom

Approved: Right: public


Gathering time: dating the early Neolithic enclosures of southern Britain and Ireland (2011).

Excavations at Carn Brea, Illogan, Cornwall, 1970-73: a neolithic fortified complex of the third millennium BC (1981).

British Museum Natural radiocarbon measurements VIII.. Radiocarbon 18 / 1, 1976, 16--42.


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