Laboratory: Groningen

BP: 7140 Std: 90

Delta 13C value None given Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: charcoal Sample Material Comment: None given

Feature Type: settlement Feature: Trench V/86-87, outside pit dwelling

Culture: Neolithikum Phase: n/a

Site: Donja Branjevina Country Subdivision: n/a Country: former Yugoslavia

Approved: Right: public


Whittle, A., Bartosiewicz, L., Borić, D., Pettitt, P., Richards, M., 2002, In the beginning: new radiocarbon dates for the Early Neolithic in northern Serbia and southeast Hungary, in: Prehistoric Studies in memoriam Ida Bognar-Kutzian, ed. E. Bánffy, Antaeus 25, Budapest, 15-62.


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