Laboratory: University of Aarhus

BP: 4780 Std: 100

Delta 13C value -27.3 Delta 13C standard deviation 0.0

Sample Material: food remains Sample Material Comment: "food crust".

Feature Type: hoard Feature: Moorfund; "food crust on funnel beaker Type III".

Culture: Bernburg Phase: n/a

Site: Øgårde 4 Country Subdivision: Zealand Country: Denmark

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Neolithic bog pots from Zealand, Møn, Lolland and Falster. Nordiske Fortidsminder : Serie B 16 (København1998).

Arkæologiske udgravninger i Danmark 1995.

Comment: "food crust on the inner side of the vessel". According to Oxford-DB: Trichterbecher-Nordgruppe

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