Laboratory: Harwell

BP: 4700 Std: 80

Delta 13C value -23.6 Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: collagen, bone Sample Material Comment: antler

Feature Type: burial mound Feature: from the bottom of the barrow ditch

Culture: Neolithikum Phase: n/a

Site: Skendleby Country Subdivision: Licolnshire Country: United Kingdom

Approved: Right: public


Radiocarbon dates: from samples funded by English Heritage and dated before 1981 (1994).

Radiocarbon dates for the Giants' Hills 2 long barrow, Skendleby, Lincolnshire. Archaeological results from accelerator dating, 1986, 125--131.

I. Giants' Hills 2 Long Barrow, Skendleby, Lincolnshire. Archaeologia (Second Series) 109, 1991, 1--45.


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